Carol C Griffin attaches an abstract figurative sculpture to a base

Attaching a Sculpture to a Base

How Does it Happen? Ever wonder how sculptures become attached to those black (or any other color) bases that they sit upon in museums and galleries?  In this 20-second video I attach my sculpture Moriko to a base.  Enjoy!
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“Kaia” from Beginning to End

From Blocking to Completion Follow along with the carving of my wood piece Kaia, from the blocking stage to completion.    
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Eight Years with Lorrie Goulet

Eight years ago I began an apprenticeship with Lorrie Goulet. She introduced me to wood carving and is passing on all her 70 years of carving knowledge.
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Teigra started out as a piece of pine in the shape of a miniature railroad tie, 26 x 3 x 3″.  I picked up four of these pieces of wood from a lumber yard scrap bin in East Hampton, New York, and used them to elevate items off the floor of my studio, which would...
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Sizing up the Log

Before Any Real Carving Begins… You can see in these pictures that I’ve done more cleaning of the log, and have stood it up to get a feel for the shape. Because there are so many knots, I’ll need to plan carefully where the features — particularly the face — will be for this figure....
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The Discovery of Knots

There Are Always Complications This cedar log is filled with knots. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle them; they look tricky. The first thing to do is to cut them down so that they’re level with the rest of the log surface. Want to see the result?  Click here.
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