Enough De-Barking, Already!

Chainsaw to the Rescue After a couple of hours removing bark with flat chisel, saw, and hand-axe, a friend offered to take a chainsaw to the log. This saved me hours of work! Next?  Click here.
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Taking Off the Outer Bark I shipped one of the two-foot sections to Lorrie’s studio where I planned to work on it. UPS Ground ships anything…even logs…under 150lbs at a reasonable rate — that is, if one finds oneself needing to ship a log. Here, I’ve begun to remove the bark, using a flat chisel, mallet,...
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Completion, Eight Years Later

    Studio shots of the finished piece, completed in 2013. It’s very different from the maquette I started with in 2005; it’s much more in harmony with the stone. Directly carving the piece permitted me to take the properties of the stone into consideration, rather than forcing my ideas onto it.
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How “Sula” Began

A Figure in Cedar Wood I bought this beautiful cedar log from a man who sells firewood. It was four feet long, but I decided to cut it in half. At the time, I didn’t have a chain saw, which would have done the job in seconds.  So, with the help of a large log...
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Off With Her Head!

  In 2011, I had begun working closely with my mentor, Lorrie Goulet, for about a year. I decided to ask for her advice. When Lorrie looked at a picture of the piece, she was as dismayed as I was that there was not enough material for a proper size head. She advised me to...
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What Do We Have Here?

  Here, I’ve used a compressor to clear off the tool marks and further clarify the forms. I’ve begun to notice something that I don’t like — the proportion of the head seems too small! The thing about carving — its subtractive nature — is that once material is carved away, it’s gone. If too...
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