The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

It was eight years ago — the end of August, 2010 — that I began working with Lorrie in her beautiful studio as a sculpture apprentice. The time has gone so quickly! In her words, we’ve worked together in harmony from the beginning. What began as an apprenticeship has flourished into a close mentorship and friendship.

I first met Lorrie in January of 2005 while I attended the Art Students League. She was due to retire in a few more months and I wanted to study with her, so I joined her stone carving class. It was an amazing experience. I lost touch with her after her retirement, but never forgot her.  In 2010, we reunited through her gallery director, who gave me her telephone number. That was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

Lorrie has said that she’s passing on as much of her seventy years of carving knowledge as possible to me. There have been times when I’ve felt that I would never understand all that she wanted to teach me. Many times I wanted to give up. But Lorrie always said “just keep going”!  I do my best to follow her advice.

Happy eighth anniversary, Lorrie!

(Photo by Tomasz Howard)

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