Photographer shooting sculptures

In the Studio with the Photographer

On December 16, my friend Tomasz Howard — a wonderful photographer — came to the studio to photograph my two newest sculptures. For me, having my sculptures professionally photographed is akin to preparing them for their “coming out party”; they’re ready to meet the world!

As we were packing up after the shoot, I placed the sculptures side by side on my work table. Tomasz, always attuned to potential cool setups to photograph, grabbed his camera for a few informal pictures. He played around with lighting, then excitedly began shooting furiously. He was so animated that I couldn’t resist getting a shot of him!

Incidentally, before Tomasz arrived, I noticed a long crack (it’s called a “check” by the way) in the wood. If you’ve been following this blog, you know this is something that has to be done sometimes.┬áHere’s me in the process of filling the check. I’m looking forward to showing you professional photos of both sculptures. Stay tuned!

Filling crack in cedar sculpture


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