An Artistic Couple Passes Away

Judith and Gerson Leiber

In 2010, I spent a lovely afternoon visiting the Leiber Museum in East Hampton, New York. It houses the work of Judith Leiber, of luxury handbag fame, and her husband Gerson Leiber, a sculptor, painter, and lithographer. In April 2018, both suffered from heart attacks and sadly expired just hours apart.

Ms. Leiber’s luxury — and whimsical — handbags are truly an example of excellence in craftsmanship. You can view two examples of her bags here.

The April 26, 2019 real estate section of The New York Times carried an article reporting that the museum as well as the Leibers’ house, and other property that they owned are now up for sale. The full article appears here.

The Leibers will be missed. They brought beauty to the world, and this post is my way of celebrating their lives.


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