Abstract sculpture in Brazilian soapstone


One thing I love about carving stone is the beauty of the mineral deposits that show in the stone. One never knows what one might encounter.
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I am in my studio carving a piece of stone that rests on a work table.

The Practical Side of Carving

Sometimes there are very practical considerations when carving. This video explores one of those practical sides.
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CG with Juliana, Kristine, and Bill Meek. The name of the sculpture is "Squash."

Apprentice Turned Master: The Nature of Direct Carving – Images

The show of my work at Harmon-Meek Gallery in February, 2023, was a high point for me. Pieces by Lorrie Goulet and Jose DeCreeft were also shown.
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Harmon-Meek exhibition folder cover showing stone sculpture "Odyssey"

Apprentice Turned Master: The Nature of Direct Carving

I'm excited about my upcoming exhibition "Apprentice Turned Master" at Harmon-Meek Gallery featuring my work, along with Lorrie Goulet's.
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Carving wood in studio

Registration is Live!

Registration is now open for my workshop, Introduction to Direct Carving in Wood. Read about how you can register. I hope to see you there!
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Carol Griffin WSA Instructor Page

A New Chapter!

In March of 2023, I'm going to teach a wood carving workshop at Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, New York. Hope to see you there!
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