Black Walnut in Vise

Blocking Black Walnut Log: Part 2

I'm using a vise to hold my black walnut wood piece as I carve a place that's hard to reach. A good vise is like another set of hands!
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Update re Carrie Mae Weems

This an update to my November 19, 2018 post about artist Carrie Mae Weems. Artsy Magazine interviewed her about the future of art.
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Photographer shooting sculptures

A Photo Shoot

I had a great time with my photographer as he shot my two newest sculptures. At the end of the shoot, he excitedly grabbed some "informal" shots.
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Excellence in Craftsmanship Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds: Excellence in Craftsmanship #1

Savoir Beds is a company in the UK that makes luxury, custom-made beds. The company believes in excellent quality and attention to detail.
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Pack-up at Lorrie's

Pack-up at Lorrie’s

Sculptor Lorrie Goulet is sending eleven sculptures from her New York City studio to the Polk Museum in Florida for her retrospective exhibition.
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Make Art with No Regrets

Inspiration from Carrie Mae Weems

Artist Carrie Mae Weems gave a graduation speech at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2016. Her advice is particularly timely and relevant.
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