Eight Years with Lorrie Goulet

Eight years ago I began an apprenticeship with master sculptor Lorrie Goulet. She's passing on as much of her 70+ years of experience to me as possible.
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Southern yellow pine wood


This pine wood with its exceptionally vivid grain patterns required some very careful carving. But I think the result was worth it!
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Sizing up the Log

"Sula", continued. The log has been cleaned off more. Can you see the wood chips all over the workbench and the floor? Cleaning can be messy!
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The Discovery of Knots

Cedar wood is known for its knots. A knot is simply the base of a branch. The wood fibers grow around the knot and can make for very tricky carving.
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Enough De-Barking, Already!

I was laboriously removing the bark, "popping" it off in sections. Then my friend offered a better way and more bark. Yay!
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Section of cedar log


Okay, time to remove the bark. It's not as easy as it sounds -- does it even sound easy? Well I'm here to tell you that it's not!
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