Art Information
Abstract Sculpture
Here's an article that does a great job of explaining what abstract sculpture is, and its history.
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Verre églomisé by Miriam Ellner
You're not alone: I'd never heard of Verre églomisé either, until I visited Miriam Ellner's studio. Photographs can't quite capture the beauty of her work!
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Steel Wire Sculptures
You'll enjoy seeing the very cool sculptures of Martin Debenham. He does magical things with steel wire, pliers, and a MIG welder!
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More Stone Grain
You've seen stone grain patterns in the previous blog post. Here's another example featuring a mango and leaf carved from alabaster.
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Stone Grain
You all know wood has grain, right? But did you know that stone can also have grain patterns? Check out this short video and you'll see an example.
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Nine Historic Artist Visual and Abstract Sculpture Studios in New York City
You can visit studios of artists Edward Hopper, Keith Haring and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (the latter, where yours truly took some sculpture classes).
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