Hellman-Chang’s Sculptural Furniture: Excellence in Craftsmanship #2

Exterior of Hellman-Chang

Exquisite Hand Crafted Solid Wood Furniture for the Luxury Market

I first became aware of Brooklyn, New York-based Hellman-Chang through one of their catchy “Style & Sawdust” ads. As a sculptor, I’m quite familiar with getting covered by sawdust. I was intrigued and began following their Instagram feed. The company’s philosophy of excellent craftsmanship solidly backs up their ads.

I was already familiar with the award-winning (Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year award in 2006) “Z” tables with their sculptural legs. At Hellman-Chang’s headquarters, which consists of office space in the front and a factory in the back, I was able to see where the magic happens. Co-owner Eric Chang himself took the time to give me a tour, and he was a very gracious host!

Here’s a quick video of my visit:

Co-owner Eric Chang discusses why his company operates in New York City (turn up your volume so you can hear every word):

And there you have it…a luxury furniture company that prides itself on its high level of craftsmanship. Be sure to check out Hellman-Chang’s website — and while you’re at it, look at some of their great videos.

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