Excellence in Craftsmanship Savoir Beds

Luxurious Hand-Made Custom Beds

This is the first post in a series that will feature examples of excellent craftsmanship. Posts might highlight a manufacturing business or another artist — anything that illustrates quality of workmanship. The old-fashioned, no-short-cut way of making something special has always appealed to me. It’s why I’m a carver! Throughout the years I’ve collected examples of fabulous hand workmanship, knowing that I wanted to spread the news that some things are still being done well by people who care about details.

Today’s post highlights Savoir Beds, a company in the United Kingdom that manufactures high-quality custom beds. My first exposure to Savoir was through a magazine advertisement (I don’t remember the magazine; I’ve long since thrown it away). A portion of the advertisement is shown above. For more information about Savoir, please visit their website.

Wouldn’t you like to have a bed custom made for you by hand?


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