Lorrie Goulet's sculpture "Capriccio (Summer)"

Harmon-Meek Gallery

On April 14, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception of Lorrie’s current show at Harmon-Meek Gallery in Florida. Lorrie was unable to attend, so I had the honor of representing her. Lorrie’s pieces were spectacular, of course, and Harmon-Meek had “hung” an absolutely lovely show. I was told that the arrangement of the pieces was completed two days before the reception, and strangers stopped and stared with jaws dropped, remarking on how fantastic the show looked.

Following are a few photographs.

Lorrie Goulet's sculptures at Harmon-Meek Gallery
Lorrie Goulet’s sculptures at Harmon-Meek Gallery
Lorrie Goulet's sculpture "Song of the Siren"
“Siren”, Alabaster, 2007
Lorrie Goulet's sculpture "Capriccio (Summer)"
“Capriccio (Summer)”, Mexican alabaster, 2004
Lorrie Goulet's sculpture "Nimbi"
“Nimbi”, Limestone, 2004
The Meek Family, Me, and sculpture "Mantle of Love"
From left, Kristine, Bill, me, Juliana, and Barbara with sculpture “Mantle of Love”



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