Stone is one of the primary mediums used by artists who carve sculpture. There are many types of stone ranging in hardness, color, and texture. It is a favorite of Carol Griffin.

Abstract sculpture in Brazilian soapstone
One thing I love about carving stone is the beauty of the mineral deposits that show in the stone. One never knows what one might encounter.
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I am in my studio carving a piece of stone that rests on a work table.
Sometimes there are very practical considerations when carving. This video explores one of those practical sides.
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Robin working on bun - 1
My friend and fellow sculptor Robin Antar graciously agreed to appear on my blog. She's a fantastic sculptor and a wonderful person as well.
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Stars and galaxies in outer space
I wonder what it will be like to carve in the earth made new, as described in Revelation 21. In this post I ruminate on what might be in the future.
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More Stone Grain
You've seen stone grain patterns in the previous blog post. Here's another example featuring a mango and leaf carved from alabaster.
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The Compleat Sculptor
The Compleat Sculptor is where I began my stone carving journey in 1999. They've got everything for sculptors, including a quarry's worth of stones!
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Left profile of "Oriata" torso
I'm very happy with this piece now. Lorrie Goulet helped me through some rough patches, that's for sure! I look forward to carving Carrara marble again.
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