The Compleat Sculptor

The Compleat Sculptor

TCS stands for The Compleat Sculptor (, a nonpareil sculpture supply business where I had my first exposure to stone carving. I’ve got to give them a shout-out, because this is where my carving odyssey began. Back in 1999, full of anticipation, I walked into their location in SOHO for the first time (they just moved to their new location at 110 West 19th Street).

Ailene Fields, sculptor

Ailene Fields ( taught the stone carving class back then, and she is still teaching it today. I’d never carved before, so she started with the very basics. She’s very patient and learning from her was a joy. I loved the time I spent in her class.

Ailene Fields, sculptor instructor
Ailene, doing her teaching thing!










Her son Marc owns the business. He’s extremely knowledgeable and professional. He’s also got a great sense of humor, as does Ailene.

Marc Fields, owner of The Compleat Sculptor

Both Ailene and Marc have nurtured my interest in sculpture from the very beginning, just as they continue to do for many other sculptors. I’m so happy that our paths crossed. Now that their new location is much closer to my studio, I look forward to going to TCS much more often!

The Compleat Sculptor store interior

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