Stars and galaxies in outer space

I wonder…

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love carving stone and wood. But let’s face it…such hard work comes with challenges. Every now and then, I allow my mind to contemplate what such work would be like under perfect conditions…when there’s a new heaven and earth, as promised in Revelation 21:1-4. I have no doubt that — as much joy as it brings me now — carving will be an absolutely perfect experience in the earth made new.

What will it not be like to carve in the earth made new?

No fatigue… of muscles, joints, and tendons

No backs “thrown out,” no knees wrenched

No struggling with heavy materials 

No interruptions

No “Where to find that next stone, or wood?”

Protective gear? Masks, safety glasses, ear plugs…will they be needed?

Will dust need to be constantly swept away?


What will it be like to carve in the earth made new?

Unlimited energy

A body that doesn’t wear out

Mass and weight — inconsequential!

Unlimited time to create

Inexhaustible source of stones and wood — throughout the planets!

Freedom from injury

Perfect surroundings

And time…time will be a friend

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